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Map Campaign Reboot - with fixes

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Posted 26 March 2017 - 04:36 PM

So since Matt and Rudy figured out how to break the map campaign in just 3 short weeks, we're restarting and rebooting with new rules.  Tweeks to the old rules actually.  Lets see if I can remember all of them:

Everyone starts with 2000 points.  No more teams.  Everyone has their own territories.  We randomly rolled starting territories today (Matt, Rudy and Wade).  You can play whoever shows up that week, as long as either you can attack one of their territories, you defend one of your territories or an unclaimed territory they are attacking, or they are defending an unclaimed territory that you are attacking.  

Here's what happens to you as a result of the games: (same as before)
Most Scenarios : Objectives, table quarters, Tokens
0-1 : Draw: Both Players: 3 Scar 1 Veteran.
2-3 : Minor Win: Winner 2 Scar 2 Veteran: Loser 3 Scar 0 Veteran.
4-5 : Major Win: Winner 1 Scar 3 Veteran: Loser 4 Scar -1 Veteran.
6+ : Massacre: Winner 1 Scar 4 Veteran: Loser 5 Scar -2 Veteran.

Loot Scenario:
0 : Draw : Both 3 Scar 1 Veteran
1: Minor : Winner 2 Scar 2 Veteran : Loser 3 Scar 0 Veteran
2: Major : Winner 1 Scar 3 Veteran : Loser 4 Scar -1 Veteran.
3: Massacre : Winner 1 Scar 4 Veteran : Loser 5 Scar -2 Veteran.

Once you take a territory, the previous forces have fled or are destroyed, so you roll on the following charts to see what it is.  Every third City you take, you roll on the Elite territory chart.
Standard Territory Chart:
1-2: Sailor
3-4: Forester
5-6: Mountaineer

Elite Territory Chart:
1: Apothecary
2: Veteran
3: Spy
4: Leprosy Colony
5: Scout
6: Fortification

Territory Definition:
When you control the territory, all of your forces gain the benefits listed, until that territory is lost.
Forrester: 1st Forester counts all forest hexes as one movement.  2nd Forester and each beyond allows one free movement across Forest Hex.
Mountaineer: 1st Mountaineer counts all mountain hexes as one movement.  2nd Mountaineer and each beyond allows one free movement across Mountain Hex.
Sailor: 1st Sailor counts all Water hex as one movement.  2nd Sailor and each beyond allows one free movement across Water Hex. Anything touching water counts as a water hex.
Apothecary: Units on table-top are still Scarred, but suffer no other ill effects.
Leprosy Colony: makes 4 connected hexes Impassable, start touching your territory. May move the centermost hex 4 spaces at the start of every turn.
Spy: Either force opponent to deploy 1 additional unit for each spy you have, or assign your spy to an infantry regiment or troop. That regiment or troop gains vanguard.
Scout: Reroll map movement dice.
Veteran Camp: your team gains +1 veteran token(s) every game.
Fortification: When attacking a territory that has fortifications, the enemy must spend a veteran token to attack.

First round starts at 2000 pts.
Players gain 100 points every Campaign Turn.
-50 points to Raze opposing players city and to build a new one.
- If you raze a city and do not immediately re-build a city, the special ability of the hex is lost forever.
- You do not have to Raze or Build after a successful attack or defense.
- Movement on the Map: Pick a city you control to start from, roll 2d6 and pick the highest.  Those are your movement points. Plains hexes cost 1 to move across, all others cost 2 (water, forest, mountains). If a territory cannot be reached spend veteran tokens as move points. If you don't have enough veteran tokens, gain one scar token to reach your destination.
- Every city you control gives your team 1 Campaign Point.
- Every battle you WIN gives your team 1 Campaign Point.
- Only 1 allied race is allowed at a time, and it must be of the SAME alignment as you, Allies can be taken out of any points you gain over 2000 points.
- Table-top terrain. If fighting in a territory with prevalent terrain, place terrain as normal. When rolling to "scatter, 2d6" and you roll a Hit, replace that terrain piece with one equivalent to the map type. (hill-forest-city)

Here's how Veteran tokens work:  They now reset after each game, depending on your results.  Start with 2+ or - whatever your previous game result was.  If you have a veteran territory(ies) you add the appropriate # to your total.  They can be used for movement as stated above, and in game, they can be used to reroll one dice each, anything other than Nerve checks in game.  They cannot be used to reroll sides, who goes first, end of game.  Only in game rolls.

Here's how Scar tokens work:  For every scar token you have, 50 points worth of units must be given a scar token.  Multiple scar tokens can be placed on a unit.  That unit gains Yellow bellied and all enemies fighting it gain Brutal.  (unless you have an apothecary).  If that unit survives the game, next game those scars go away, although new ones can be gained depending on the result of the game.  If that unit is routed, then when determining your army size for the next fight, you lose 50 pts for each scar token that died.  You can choose upon deployment to have any scarred unit sit out the game, so as not to risk the loss of points in your next game.

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