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#19787 Firestorm: Falaise Gap (Turn 4)

Posted privatejoker on 24 July 2009 - 01:22 AM

View PostDaveH, on 23 July 2009 - 08:06 PM, said:

James AND Pete,

Let's play next Thursday, 30 July. James, we can play first. I can be there by 3:30pm. Pete, we can play after that. I know you can't be there until about 7pm, and that's fine.

Please confirm.


I will be there, but why fight? Cant we just talk about it?

#19756 Firestorm: Falaise Gap (Turn 4)

Posted Zhadow on 21 July 2009 - 09:39 PM

What is left in this turn at the moment for points....

Current Standings

Allies 240 VPs+15 bonus VPs = 255 Total VPs
Axis 100 VPs+0 bonus VPs = 100 Total VPs

Possible Changes (Number after "/" is for possible captured Axis Unit)

Flers; 30/10 VPs - 2 Battles (Current Status 5-2 Allies, If Second Battle = Allied Victory then Allies gain +10 bonus VPs from captured units; If Axis win second battle 6-1 then Axis gain +30 VPs; Any other result is no change in VPs)
Putanges C6; 10 VPs - 1 Battle (Current Status = Allied 6-1 Victory; No change in VP status)
Falaise; 50 VPs - 1 Battle (Allied victory = +50 VPs from the city as well)
Argentan; 40 VPs - 1 Battle
St Lambert B10; 10 VPs - 2 Battles (Current status = Axis 4-3 Victory; Allies can no longer capture any units from Falaise or Argentan)
Sector C9; 0 VPs - 1 Battle (Allied 6-1 victory)

#19637 Firestorm: Falaise Gap (Turn 4)

Posted GunnyJ on 16 July 2009 - 06:57 AM

Frag Order

Updated 8/05/09

1.  First, find your opponent in the battle matchups and eligible player listings below.  You can also check the Turn 4 map (link within this thread)
2.  Contact your opponent and schedule a time and place to conduct the battle.  Preferred method is to use the Doodle.com website.
3.  Determine if any additional Firestorm troops have been allocated for use in your battle.  You may use proxies if you do not own the units.  Please make your opponent aware of the Firestorm units and/or proxies, prior to placing any objectives or platoons on the board.
4.  Determine your mission, based on the rules modifications posted in this earlier thread. I highly recommend everyone print the rules mods to have with them when you play your games.  
5.  If you are Out of Supply, ensure you make the Out of Supply role to determine the effects on your game.
6.  The following campaign special rules are in effect for Turn 4 of this campaign.

Round 4
C-and-C Suicide - With the Suicide of the Armee Group Commander Von Kluge, all commanders lose their will to fight on.  Company and Higher command
teams may not roll company morale tests during this game.  In addition, platoons must make a single re-roll for successful tests to counterassault.

Round 4
Heavy Rain - Due to heavy rains, there is a limited view on the battlefield during this game.  At the beginning of each turn, starting on turn 2, roll a die.  If the die roll is 5+, the rain has stopped.  Otherwise, heavy rains limit visibility on the game board to 24".  In addition, all enemy teams in the open are considered concealed by the rain for shooting purposes.  If the enemy teams are already concealed, using normal rules for concealment, these effects do not stack.  Heavy rain never gives gone-to-ground status to concealed tank, large guns, heavy and immobile gun teams, or transport teams if they did not move or shoot and are in the open.

7.  Conduct your battle.  This turn starts on July 13, 2009 and will end two weeks later on Sunday, July 31, 2009.  Hopefully, this will give everyone plenty of time to play their last game in this campaign.  
8.  Report the results of your battle, via this thread.  One post per battle # should be sufficient.  Report the following information.
  • Battle #
  • Your name
  • Your division
  • Your sector number on the map
  • Your opponent's name
  • Your opponent's division
  • Your opponents sector number on the map
  • Any Firestorm units you utilized during your battle
  • Your victory points
  • Your opponents victory points

Turn 4 Map

Click here!

Eligible Campaign Players


1st Polish Armored Division (Brian Jordano)
7th Armored Division (Alex Villagran)
3rd Canadian Infantry Division (Tristan Allen)


2nd French Armored Division (James Kobyra)
2nd US Armored Division (Pete Italiano)
3rd US Armored Division (Tom Abbott)
4th US Armored Division (John Murdock)
9th US Infantry Division (Dan Duque)


12. SS-Panzer Division (Dave Hernandez)
17. SS-Panzergrenadier Division (Rick Hewitt)
2. Panzer Division (Dave Hernandez)
116. Panzer Division (Marko Bartscherer)
3rd Fallschirmjäger Division (Tucker Allen)
21. Panzer Division (Tim McCormley)
348. Infanterie Division (Tom Hauck)
326. Infanterie-Division (Bill Allen)

Battle Matchups

Battle #1:  3rd Canadian Infantry vs. 326. Infanterie Division (Firestorm troops: Priority Air, Priority Air; Fallschirmjager Platoon)
Battle #2:  2nd US Armored Division vs. 2. Panzer Division (Firestorm troops: Field Artillery Battery, Engineer Platoon; SS-Tiger Plt, Pioneer Plt)
Battle #3:  4th US Armored Division vs. 3. Fallschirmjager Division (Firestorm troops: Self-propelled TD Platoon, Priority Air)
Battle #4:  1st Polish Armored Division vs. 348. Infanterie Division (Firestorm troops: none)
Battle #5:  17. SS-Panzergrenadier Division vs. 7th British Armored Division (Firestorm troops: Flak 36/88 Battery, Kurt "Panzer" Meyer; Churchilled Crocodile Platoon, Royal Artillery Platoon (SP))
Battle #6:  2nd French Armored Division vs. 12. SS-Panzer Division (Firestorm troops: Royal Artillery Platoon (SP), Royal Engineer Platoon; SS-Tiger Platoon, Pioneer Platoon)
Battle #7:  21. Panzer Division vs. 3rd US Armored Division (Firestorm troops: none)
Battle #8:  9th US Infantry Platoon vs. 116. Panzer Division (Firestorm troops: Self-propelled TD Platoon, Priority Air)

Firestorm Units


Priority Air Support (Hurricane w/Rockets or Cannons)
Churchille Crocodile Platoon (3x Churchill Crocodiles) [C/V]
Self-propelled Anti-tank Platoon (4x Achilles Tank Destroyers) [C/V]
Royal Engineer Platoon (3 Squads with Pioneer truck) [C/V]


Self-propelled Tank Destroyer Platoon (2 sections of M10 GMC) [C/V]
Pioneer Platoon (3 Squads with GMC Supply Truck) [C/V]
Field Artillery Battery (2 sections of M2A1 105mm guns) [C/V]
Priority Air Support (P-47 Thunderbolts w/Cannons or Bombs)


SS-schwere Panzer Platoon (2x Tiger IE tanks) [F/V]
Otto Earnst Barkmann (1x Panther A tank) [F/V] Destroyed!
Kurt “Panzer” Meyer (1x BMW Jeep team) [F/V]
Fallschirmjager Platoon (3 Squads w/Panzerfaust SMG team) [F/V]
Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (2 Sections of Flak 36/88) [C/V]
Anti-tank Gun Platoon (2 Sections of PaK 40 AT Guns) [C/V] Destroyed!
Pioneer Platoon (3 Squads w/Panzerfaust SMG team and RSO tractor) [C/V]
Assault Gun Platoon (3x Brummbar) [C/V] Destroyed!

F/V = Fearless Veteran
C/V = Confident Veteran

End of Turn Map

Click here!

#19328 Firestorm - Operation Bagration

Posted Zhadow on 02 July 2009 - 11:35 PM

Planned start date will be August 1st, on Saturday.  If you plan on playing in the upcoming Firestorm campaign please leave a post here with your name and planned Nationality, also if you are willing to play multiple nationalities as per our need please indicate that as well.


Tristan Allen/Russians
Brian Jordano/Russians
James Kobyra/Russians

John Murdock/US
Dave Hernandez/US

Alex Villagran/Finns
Tom Hauck/Germans
Marko Bartscherer/Germans
Tucker Allen/Germans

There will be a $10 fee to go towards prizes. In addition, I am also going to sponsor Brian for all his efforts from the Falaise pocket campaign so he gets to play this one for free =)

Except where noted below, we will be playing the campaign as it reads from the main Firestorm rulebook.

Force Selection/Army Special Rules

Each player chooses a nationality (Any nationality that has a legal latewar list) before the campaign will begin. They have to play forces from that nationality for the duration of the campaign. Before each game, players will be required to exchange lists (players exchange lists at the same time) so that there opponent may verify the legality of the list. This does mean you may change lists between games.

In addition, if your ENTIRE force (including Firestorm units) is painted with no proxies, once during your game, you may re-roll a failed company morale test. If your force already has this special ability due to your own special rules, then instead you may use this ability twice.

Please note, in the standard Firestorm campaign NO player may buy intergrated air support. In addition Firestorm Air units may never be used in cities.

We WILL be using Phil's rule for Demolition carriers. MALFTF is in effect as well.

Commander - Battle Phase

1. Choose a opponent. For this step, instead of leaving it "free" flowing as it stands, we will be instead be rolling for initiative for placement of arrows. Once ALL arrows have been placed, each commander in turn will assign generals for each battle with the defender assigning first.

Order Two - Combat Step

1. Identify your mission. Please note; unlike the current campaign, attacker/defender is determined by scenario, not by placement of battle arrows. The five column table is used as it stands except the die roll for mission is by column, 1-5, with a 6 being a 1500 point mission determined by re-rolling on the mission chart. If you roll another 6, then the mission becomes a 1250 point mission determined by re-rolling again on the mission chart ignoring any further sixes.

When using firestorm troops, unless you are the appropriate nationality, these troops are considered to be allied forces and follow all rules from page 183 of the main rulebook.

Everything above is subject to change and debate. This is just my first initial thoughts. Any and all feedback is welcome.

#19829 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 25 July 2009 - 07:08 PM

*** News Update ***

The German 326nd Infanterie division near hill 262 has driven off the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division.  Overlooking the critical road juncture German artillery and parachute infantry has held off the allied onslaught long enough for German evacuees to stream out of the encirclement of the French cities of Falaise and Argentan.  Discussion for the responsibility of this failure by allied forces is now being discussed at the highest levels and already has seen the relief of the 3rd Canadian's CO from active duty.

#19753 Historicon 2009 AAR

Posted Zhadow on 21 July 2009 - 08:07 PM

View PostBigTom2, on 21 July 2009 - 07:45 PM, said:

I love FoW tournaments!!  No holds barred cage matches!  

I finally got past the idea of taking a semi historically correct list or staying away from cheesy
units and took a nasty list (least I think so).  I really liked my list, but hadn't played it very often.  
But if I was able to defend, I think I'd be ok.  My goal for the tournament was to win 2 out of the 3 games.

My list was 2 full grenadier platoons (no extra AT), full black pio platoon, 4xbrummbar, 2x king
tiger, full MG platoon, short recon platoon.

Tables were anywhere from moderate to heavy terrain - no billiard tables.  And the terrain quality was top

My first game was against British Rifle in Encounter.  He had Priority Air and 8 gun battery, which  
he deployed Across the Volga.  Luckily it was a night mission, so the Air did nothing the entire
game.  He started with 4xM10s, 3xUC recon platoon, and a Churchill platoon with Firefly.

He made a push with his UC and Churchill platoon towards my right objective.  I had a platoon of
grenadiers defending it - the right third of table was covered with forest.  I hoped they would hold
long enough for me to take his objective.  With the help of reserves, they did their job and held.

I attacked from the center and from the left objective with Brumms, KTs, and Pios - and left my other
objective uncovered.

I lost the Brums to M10s and artillery on my approach - but my Pios and KTs got to and took
objective.  I lost another platoon, but got a 4-3 win.

Second game was against the eventual 2nd place finisher.  He had SS PanzerGrens from RoH.  We
played No Retreat on another relatively dense board.  I 'won' the attacker roll and attacked.  

He started with 2 platoons - a Panther Kanonen platoon (or whatever its called) and a huge PGR
platoon with every single possible combat attachment he could muster (Panzershreks, Pak40s, etc).

I was singing the blues after this game - I made dumb move after dumb move - I really wanted to
bury my head in the sand after this game.  I basically moved as fast as I could right into his big PG
platoon.  Needless to say, he broke my company and I lost 1-6 (which I thoroughly deserved).  
Hopefully, I'll not make the same mistakes I made in this game again - still chapped about it!!

The final game was against US Armor from Cobra.  I haven't looked at Cobra in forever, but his list
seemed fishy - all his armor was CT and his 2 AR platoons were CV.  We played Fighting
Withdrawal.  The table was heavily terrain'd - the left and right third (yes, third of the table) was
covered with forest or swamp.  The center table had a town.  I felt pretty good about this one given
our lists, the mission, and the terrain.  I placed my objective in the middle of the table behind the
town - where I put my Pios.  

He chose to send everything thru the woods to a pull-able objective.  He took too long to get there
and i was able to pull it - we timed out on turn 7.  Fortunately it was a defensive battle, so I won 4-3.

I finished 22 out of 30, but I got the 8th highest score - so let's say I finished 8th - haha.  I reached
my goal and got 2 wins, but that 2nd game really took the wind out of my sails.  

In spite of this I had a great time - all day of FoW?  what can be bad about it?  I even got a few
people mention they liked my models (never happened at a tournie before!) and I even got a vote for Best
Painted (which is really funny - Bill took his new german models).

I'm going to stick with the Grens as my tournament list - with more playtesting and some tinkering,
they can be a tough nut to crack!

Sounds like good times =)

Yeah, that US Cobra list was not legal, it is easy to miss the top of page 54 which states the restrictions for the lists if all you do is just look at the force composition charts, which is more then likely what he did.  Sounds like he picked his armor from 3rd AD, and his infantry from 2nd AD, which is not a legal list.

#19364 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 04 July 2009 - 05:48 PM

*** News Flash ***

With the roar of P47 Thunderbolts overhead, the US 2nd Armored Division has charged towards the German lines just north of the town of Sees.  The main highway to the critical supply city of Argentan has been left in the hands of the 3rd Fallschirmjager Division.  Currently the lead elements of these two forces have crashed together with a desperate fight already in progress for this critical crossroads area.  We will have more on this as it develops.

#19342 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 03 July 2009 - 06:35 PM

*** News Flash ***

Outside the French town of Putanges just west of the Orne river, the US 3rd Armored Division aptly named "Spearhead" has thrust forward through the German 12th SS-Panzer Division.  Despite the efforts of its attached SS-Tiger Battalion and while taking increasingly heavy casualties, the 3rd Armored still managed to push forward past the German defenses, preventing the Germans, from linking up with its retreating forces coming out of Flers.  The German Wehrmacht is now firmly trapped in a increasingly closing pocket facing complete annihilation by allied forces.

#19042 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 26 June 2009 - 07:01 AM

*** News Flash ***

Here outside the French city of La Ferte Mace, US 4th Armored directly led by army commander Lt. General John "Patton" Murdock, is slowly navigating the densely packed mines and fortifications laid out by the 326th Infanterie-Division led by Oberst Bill Allen.  US forces, after attempting to use artillery to dislodge the entrenched German infantry, are now currently heavily engaged throughout the fortified area around the city.  Reports have also filtered in that Oberscharfuhrer Ernst Barkmann has directly engaged American tank destroyers at the edge of the city as well.  We will have more as news develops.

#19004 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 25 June 2009 - 11:42 AM

*** News Flash ***

US forces led by the armored columns of the 3rd Armored Division have liberated the city of the French city of Domfront.  German forces in the city seeing the hopeless situation have evacuated and pulled out towards the city of Flers leaving behind there PaK 40 Anti-tank guns.

With this city firmly under US control, allied forces are now tightening the noose around the cities of La Ferte Mace to the east and the city of Flers to the north.

Viva La France!

#18861 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 20 June 2009 - 04:57 PM

*** News Flash ***

Intensive fighting has been reported north of Falaise.  The 12th Panzer Division accelerating alongside the river Dives has slammed into the defensive perimeter of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division near the town of St. Pierre sur Dives.  Allied high command apparently seeing a window for operations has launched the US 2nd Armored Division into the positions left vacant by the advancing 12th Panzer.  However, German high command has responded by sending in the 17th SS-Panzergrenadiers to attempt to protect there precarious supply lines.  We will have more news as this battle develops.

Remember, news you hear first!

#18779 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 18 June 2009 - 11:39 PM

*** News Flash ***

British left hook hits the brick wall known as the city of Flers.  All along the the northern hook, ragtag British, French, and Polish troops are streaming back along the roads towards Vire.  The US 9th Infantry Division led by Colonel Dan "Gavin" Duke stands as the only unit ready to hold the line as the German 21st Panzer Division led by the brilliant Major Tim McCormley attempts to breakthrough the American lines.

#18769 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 18 June 2009 - 07:47 PM

*** News Flash ***

News you hear first!  The Battle for the flanks of Flers is on!

Free French units led by Colonel James Kobyra slam into the southern flank of German defenses near the city of Flers.  The expected breakthrough thou was stopped in its tracks by the 116th Panzer Division.  Despite it's commanding officer being caught away from the front the local commander on the scene Dave "Rommel" Hernandez took charge of the situation.  Deploying his infantry backed up by assault guns, the 116th are putting up a furious fight.

Elsewhere, the 1st Polish Armored Division led by Major General Brian Jordano has also slammed into the defenses south of Flers only to be slowed by the efforts of the 326. Infanterie-Division led by General Bill Allen.  Unexpected air cover has relentlessly straffed the advancing Poles throughout this fierce fight.

Meanwhile on the north side of Flers, the British 7th Armored Division "The Desert Rats" led by Major General Alex "Monty" Villagran have encountered the strong defensive positions of the 348. Infanterie Division led by General Tom "I am in LA" Hauck.  Strong Pioneer elements have reportedly setup a ambush for the desert vets!

We will update you as soon as we here more news of this fierce battle for freedom!   Remember, news you near first only from us here at CBS!

#17645 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 12 May 2009 - 11:10 AM

I think I finally decided on what unit I want to play.  Put me down as the 28th Infantry Division.

#19800 Campaign Briefing (Falaise Gap - August 1944)

Posted Zhadow on 24 July 2009 - 06:52 PM

*** News Flash ***

The US 9th Infantry Division striking out of the french town of Sees has broken through German lines at the French town of Le Bourg St. Leonard.  The 9th led by Colonel Dan "Gavin" Duke has now succesfully completed the encirclement of Argenten despite the fierce resistance of the German 116th Panzer Division.  German survivors throughout the area have been seen clogging the roads in a desperate attempt to outrun the advancing allied troops.